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    About Us

    The University of Chicago has been home to many world-class chess players and events throughout its history. This is where Samuel Reshevsky, eight-time U.S. Champion studied. Since 1945, the UChicago team has won the Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championship seven times.

    In addition, many renowned players have visited or played chess at our campus, including Victor Korchnoi, Paul Keres, Arthur Bisguier, Larry Christiansen, Yury Shulman, and others. Our team consistently places near the top in large team tournaments like the Amateur Team North and beats local college teams. Our players also take large prizes in premier tournaments like the Chicago Open. In 2011 we played for the first time in the Chicago Industrial Chess League against local company and college teams and made the playoffs.

    How experienced or skilled do I have to be to participate in the Chess Club?

    You don’t even have to know the rules. We have all kinds of players, from novice to expert. What we really care about is love for the game.

    When and where are meetings?

    Weekly meeting times are determined on a quarter-by-quarter basis since the club understands that member schedules will change. We want to be as accommodating as possible! 

    I am a highly skilled player who is considering studying at the University of Chicago. Why should I play chess here?

    The UChicago Chess Club is not only a fun place to spend your afternoons, but we are also very serious about competitive chess. If you are a strong player coming out of high school and interested in joining our ranks, please feel free to get into contact with us.

    Our team is highly organized, and we provide every possible incentive for strong players to play chess here. We have the resources to buy books, software, and equipment, as well as provide training by Grandmasters. In addition, we normally cover all hotel costs, long-distance travel costs, and tournament entry fees for the team, even for expensive events like the Chicago Open. 

    Invest in Chess is a chess advocacy initiative whose mission is to not only to spread, teach, and promote chess, but also to raise awareness of its numerous practical and educational benefits. Many of the chess club's members are ambassadors of the organization and donate their time to teaching chess in local schools and community organizations. Please check out some of the links below to learn more!

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  • Leadership

    Darcy Linde


    Darcy, a junior at the University of Chicago, is a physics major and has been playing chess passionately from the age of 5. Currently, he is the President of the chess club at the University of Chicago where he also shares his enjoyment of learning and his love for the game. Along with playing chess, Darcy enjoys competing in a variety of sports, playing music, and drawing.

    Steven Cooklev


    Steven is from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is currently a junior at the University of Chicago majoring in Economics. In 2010, he became the youngest-ever Indiana State Chess Champion. In 2013, he earned the National Master (NM) title, and most recently, he won his first open tournament at the 2015 Chicago Class Championship.

    Pablo Balsinde


    Pablo is a junior at the University of Chicago studying Economics and Philosophy. He is from Madrid (where he is state champion) and has been playing chess ever since he can remember. Besides chess, he participates in many other mind-engaging activities, such as reading, writing, or idly thinking.

    Sharan Subramanian


    Hailing from Solon, Ohio, Sharan is a junior at the University of Chicago who is majoring in Economics and Public Policy Studies. He began playing chess in middle school and was immediately hooked on the sport after his first tournament. Sharan is also the Founder and President of Invest in Chess; he started the organization because is passionate about teaching chess to others and spreading its benefits. 

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